Field Station Berlin military veterans, like all vets worldwide, often need aid and assistance.

Field Station Berlin Vets Group wants to help. 

If you have anything to add here in this cause, write aid at today, please.
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Subject: Listing of Veterans Groups/Help for everyone

Someone sent this to me, and I am sending it to you, because I think that if anyone needs any assistance, it might help.

-- --  Jimmy Nail


Legal/Congressional Matters

Pitts and Associates
Attorneys at Law
8866 Gulf Freeway, Suite 117
Houston, TX 77017-6528                             
(800) 269-6345


Schecter & Marshall L.L.P.
3200 Travis St.
Houston, TX 77006                                  
800) 282-2122  

National Veterans Legal Services Program           
          More on this below.


Vietnam Veterans of America               

Legal Aid and and Legal Services Offices

Free representation by lawyers or paralegals at legal aid or legal services offices in your county may be available if your family is considered low income. Even when they can not represent you directly, many have access to resources and guides that you may find helpful and they may let you use.

Private Attorneys

A strange, but true, government regulation disallows veterans from hiring a lawyer (at market rate) to represent them during the VA claims process. You may pay a private lawyer to represent you regarding a VA claim, but only under certain specific restrictions. You must have filed a "notice of disagreement" with a VA regional office on or after Nov. 18, 1988 and the Board of Veterans' Appeals must have subsequently issued a decision denying your appeal. You can then pay a lawyer to reopen your claim at the VA regional office or appeal the BVA decision to the Court of Veterans' Appeals. You must hire the lawyer within one year of the BVA decision. These regulations do not apply if a lawyer is willing to represent you for free or if someone who does not have an interest in the claim pays the lawyer.

If, or when, you receive a denial from the Social Security Administration, you are free to retain a lawyer. Often it is advised, as they can help you  through the difficult process. They may represent you for a portion of the retroactive award, or, if you are low income, you may find a pro-bono lawyer or a local legal assistance society. Look to law schools in your area.

The organizations listed below may represent you or provide a referral to lawyers specializing in GI or veterans' issues.

Citizen Soldier, Inc.
175 Fifth Ave., Suite 2135
New York, NY 10010
(212) 679-2250  Fax: (212) 679-2252
Contact: Tod Ensign

Free legal representation on veterans claims, medical discharge and other military matters.

GI Rights Hotline
1-800-FYI95GI and  1-800-394-9544

This is a free, confidential, non-governmental, nationwide hotline for information about discharges, discrimination, and legal referrals.

National Veterans Legal Services Project (NVLSP)
2001 S Street NW, Suite 610
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 265-8305
Email: NVLSP at

NVLSP assists some veterans with appeals at the Court of Veterans Appeals and publishes a wide variety of documents and guides that can be of assistance to veterans. NVLSP is a nonprofit law firm which serves as a national support center in the area of veterans law.

National Organization of Veterans' Advocates
P.O. Box 42334
Washington, DC 20015

The National Organization of Veterans' Advocates provides referrals to lawyers specializing in veterans' issues.

Veterans Due Process, Inc.
P.O. Box 68237
Portland, OR 97268                     
(503) 659-9912

Veterans Due Process is a private organization that advocates on veterans' legal issues.

Veterans Service Organizations

Free representation at hearings before a VA regional office, the Board of Veterans' Appeals, or the Court of Veterans' Appeals may be available through a veterans service organization. Their veterans' service officers (VSOs) may be able to offer substantial assistance in preparing and submitting claims to the VA.

These organizations generally have local service representatives in VA regional offices and hospitals. Contact a VSO at the nearest VA office or hospital, locate a service organization in your local phone book, or contact the organizations national office for a referral at the addresses listed below.

American Legion
1608 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
(800) 433-3318

To order the Undiagnosed Illness VA Claims Worksheet, email TAL at

National Gulf War Resource Center

New York State POW/MIA Action Group
30 Ballantyne Brae
Utica, NY 14445

Reserve Officers Association, Inc.
1 Constitution Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 479-2200 Fax: (202) 479-0416

Veterans Speakers Alliance
P.O. Box 40430
San Francisco, CA 94140
(415) 255-7331

VietNow, Inc.
1835 Broadway
Rockford, IL 61104
(815) 227-5100   Fax: (815) 227-5127
Contact: Rich Sanders

State and County Agencies

Almost every state has a state department of veterans affairs. Many cities and counties also have veterans services offices that provide representation and assistance to veterans and their families at no charge. Look in the government section (usually in front) of your local telephone directory for state, county and city veterans services. Often your state will have special programs not available elsewhere, such as Texas Land Commission and California's CalVet low interest home loans.

State Level Veterans Affairs Sites

National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

State Veterans Service Commission

Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

Commission of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Service

Office of Veterans Services

Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Services

Veterans Commission

Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Commission

Department of Veterans'  Affairs info

New Jersey
Department of Military and  Veterans Affairs

New York
State Dept. of Labor:Veterans'  Services

Veterans Home

Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

Bureau of Veterans Affairs

South Carolina
Division of Veterans Affairs

South Dakota
Division of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Commission

Office of Veterans  Affairs

State Department  of Veterans Affairs Department of  Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Council

State Level Veterans Groups

Desert Storm Veterans of North Carolina:

North Carolina Veterans Homepage: 

Gulf War Research Foundation, Inc. (Pending)
Email:  gulfwarwisc at
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