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This is the website of the Field Station Berlin Vets Group (FSBVG).  It represents the  association for anyone interested in the late, great Field Station Berlin, Germany.  Field Station Berlin (FSB) was a unit of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Corps, the NSA, the Army Security Agency, and finally INSCOM.

The Field Station Berlin Vets Group is for anyone interested in  FSB, or in any other Berlin site with a similar mission.  Membership is open to anyone.

The Field Station Berlin Vets Group was established in 1998 to foster reunions and communications for all of us about our Berlin experiences.

Note:  Do not confuse FSB with Russia's Federal Security Service, equivalent to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has the same initials.  We had the initials first!  Read Agentura's dossier on Russia's FSB.

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Publisher's Statement

This FSBVG website was created by U.S. Army FSB veteran Bruce Ford, the owner and publisher of it, who can be emailed at  "webmaster at fsbvg.org".  I maintain the site, provide the content, exercise editorial control, and welcome any comments or suggestions regarding its content.  All material is copywrited FSBVG © 1998 through 2013.  All rights are reserved.

Thanks to Brian Mason for donating the photo of  the FSB Crest for the FSBVG logo at the top of this page. 

The pages of this website may be freely linked, but may not be duplicated in any fashion without our consent.  While we have attempted to ensure the information made available here is accurate, we are not liable for, and do not guarantee the total accuracy of the contents.  The reader of these pages assumes any risk for the use of the information contained on this site.  If you are going to get serious about it, consider it for entertainment purposes only.  Opinions or conclusions expressed here are not those of INSCOM, DOA, DOD, NSA, CIA, NSC, POTUS, VPOTUS, the United Nations, or NATO.  No government agencies have granted approval or consent, implied or expressed, for this site or its content.  Information on this site comes from unclassified sources.  You can read a lot of it in the Washington Times newspaper.
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Visit the "SAVE TEUFELSBERG" page to see how you can help. 
The German Senate is considering the bulldozing of Teufelsberg.  Let's save it, and make it into a Cold War Monument!  If we don't try to do that now, we may only have our memories and nothing else.
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