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Photo Submission

All of us enjoy seeing photos from Berlin.  It's a great way to revive those fading memories.  Your pictures can be on the FSBVG website, too!  Just dust off that old photo album and share some of those prize moments with all who might enjoy them.

We want to make the sharing of your photos easy for you, if possible.  Send your photos any way that is convenient with you.  We will get back to you if we have questions.  If you like to follow instructions, send your photo according to the following guidelines. 

You may scan your photos, or get them scanned, and send them as digital computer graphic files of the photos, as e-mail attachments, to brucedford at right away.

If it's convenient for you to do, reduce the size of each photo file.  If you don't want to get technical about it, just send it and forget it.

Proceeding to get overly technical now, larger sizes tie up an e-mailbox and slow the downloading of these photo pages.  Normally we use a 300 pixel wide photo regardless of the depth (height).  You can convert your photo to 300 pixels keeping the proportions.  If it is resized and converted to a .GIF format, it will be substantially smaller because .GIF is restricted to 256 color depth.  If you can't convert it to a .GIF, .JPG is okay, if you can convert it to 300 pixels wide and 256 colors, as opposed to the usual .JPG's 16.7 Million colors (24-bit color).  We will crop, frame, enhance, and shrink them to suitable dimensions, usually between 50 and 150 kilobytes, as necessary.  That seems tiny, but those are the dimensions desired for graphic files on web pages to ensure rapid loading for everyone's ease in viewing.  If you want to process them all by yourself, any modern paint or graphics editing program can perform the required conversion, and resize and convert formats.  Doing it yourself can increase the chances that your photo will retain the quality and framing dimensions you prefer.  We can do it, but we are often slower than you might like.

You can postal mail your actual photographs if you notify first by e-mail to make the arrangements.  The mailman may fold, spindle, mutilate, and water damage your photos though, so we can't guarantee their return as you sent them.

If you send the actual paper prints, they will be scanned and returned to you via priority mail at FSBVG expense. You may also put your digitzed photo files on a floppy disc and send them by postal mail.  I'll scan them for viruses before opening the files.  There are no viruses allowed here on the FSBVG website.

Be sure to send in the same package, or e-mail, appropriate captions, including names, dates, and other identifying information exactly as you would like posted with each photo, and your own full name, phone number, and e-mail address.

Finally, our policy is not to accept photos of people without decent and adequate attire. 
So there will be no pornography, no obscenity, no indecency, no profanity, and no sex whatsoever!
Just pretend that we are British.  We will avoid a lot of problems that way!
Your portrait could be here!
Sure, it could!
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To add your own photos
(not some other vet's photos), with captions for each, to the FSBVG album, read the
guidelines below, and send your photos to:

brucedford at