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These are some guidelines about what we can put on a music page through this Homestead server:

Imported sound files cannot exceed 900 KB in size. To check on the size of a sound file, go to the location of the sound file on your computer, right click on the sound file, and select Properties.

Only the following sound file types can be added to our Web pages as background sounds: .wav, .mid, .aiff, .au. Other sound file types (such as mp3 files) can be posted on your site for download, but cannot be played automatically from Homestead pages.
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German national anthem text and music.
There are many fine "Midi" music pages in a military and patriotic vein.  Here's just one selection of music I found, "The Army Hymn."
FSB Barracks Ballads from the 70's, the Manuscript!
There was a "Team II Songbook," compiled by Scott Henry, FSB, 1974-1979.
Dave Wallace helped put that raggedy collection of parchment together.  They were the raunchy, adolescent ditties that were often sung on the bus from Andrews to T-berg.  Remember?  They mostly had an outspoken anti-military tone.  I had them here on the web site, but you'll have to join FSBVG to view them now.
Germany's greatest export, the famous vocalist and actress
Electronic and Computer MP3 Music

FSBVG got a nudge from a newly joining FSB vet to bring this page into the 21st century.  Here's a montage of our correspondence:

Letter from Mike Metevelis

From: metemike at ix.netcom.com
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001

   Here [below] is a picture of my latest creation, it's the Field Station Berlin WinAmp Skin
The FSBVG webpages are welcome to post it for downloading.  You can get the WinAmp Player at http://www.winamp.com.  This skin "fits" over the basic WinAmp [program's visual interface] to customize the player's appearance to your liking.  WinAmp is a free download, give it a try.
   Once you download and install WinAmp on your computer, just double click on the file I am sending you. The file will automatically install to the C:\winamp\skins directory. The .WSZ extension means WinAmp installation file.  You can change the extension to ..zip and open it, up if you like. I am always careful of viruses. The files inside are .bmp and .txt files.  If you download other skins with a ..zip extension, just change it to .wsz and double click.  It's really pretty easy.
   It's my first truly independent WinAmp creation (I have used a few others and modified them for my soccer team).  Yours is a first. This skin is really just a bunch of graphics, the WinAmp program has all the instructions.  I went ahead and updated the skin to include the mini-browser function of the newest version.
Later, and I will be joining the club.
Mike "the Hardman" Metevelis
P.S.  Hardman was a nickname given to me by the guys I went through basic training
and Ft. Devens with.  I am 5'6'' tall, and they were always joking me what a
tough and hard guy I was, hence, "Hardman."


FSBVG has fully checked out WinAmp, and MP3 music, and we highly recommend it to all.
WinAmp is undoubtely, for the average user, the best and most popular free audio player program in the world. However, the latest version 3.0, is no iimprovement, so do use the still more popular and stable version 2.91. I think it's better than the one that comes with Windows, called MS Windows Media Player, in most useful ways.

FSBVG no longer recommends Napster for musical downloads, because the Federal Government has persecuted it in what passes for a court these days,, so it has had to delete many offerings, and is charging fees for downloads.

FSBVG also no longer recommends Limewire for downloading music.  It's java programming was too buggy.  It often failed to load and start at all.

FSBVG is now using WinMX for downloading music, from http://www.winmx.com
Like the other programs, it's freeware, no nags or ads.

A photo of Mike's FS Berlin WinAmp "skin"
Exclusively from FSBVG