Now you can finally visualize where you were.

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These first three are of the Teufelsberg area of Berlin.
The red pins in these two aerial photographs are the locations of some of the best kite flying terrains in Berlin!
Chris DeWitt, a self-professed "Wall Tourist," obsessed with everything to do with the Wall, has some great Berlin Wall Web Pages.  They are some large, original, first-person reporting on that gigantic construction of tyranny that delimited Berlin.  The wall made the borders into static boundaries.  DeWitt's site has more Wall photos than you could ever want, and great maps, which is why I put his link on this page.  This is an outside link, so use your browser's back button to return to this site.
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From: "Don Cooper" <cooper@herefordbrand.com>   a postcard that was popular in Berlin in '66. --  Coop
This is a Berlin Ship Travel map from the Stern und Kreis Ship line, incorporated!

What kind of ship would use this map?  Following photos are of such ships!
The one on the left is called "Berlin's Queen Moby."
The "Kaiser."
This is a statistical map of Eastern Europe.
Map of US Units in West Berlin

A page from the ATA Berlin travel agency site, it is a great map page that identifies US units in the American Sector of West Berlin by number, with interesting descriptions.  Note that number 13 was derisively pronounced, "You smell'um pee."

or "Auf den Spuren der Soldaten der Freiheit."

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