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ASA FS Augburg
Groups for ASA Vets of Germany
FS Herzo Base Survivors
USASAFS Rothwesten Yahoo Group
for veterans of the 17th USASA Field Station Rothwesten Germany APO 09171, 319th ASA BN, 184th OPNS CO or any Army Security Agency veteran stationed at Rothwesten near Kassel, Germany.
More ASA-Related National Internet Groups
ASA Matters, Verne Gruenke's fine site and ASA locator database: 
You really ought to go register yourself and your friends at Verne's site today.

ASA Vets USA, fine site on AOL.

Defense Language Institute Alumni Association

DLI Notes and News Yahoo Group

Top Secret SI, ASA site of Mike "Mad dog" Doran.

USASA National Capital Region Alumni Association,
a fine, active group led by Nelson Johnson, since the death of ASA COL Len Fisher, retired, and his wife, Eve, in 2010.

Veterans and Military Websites  It's not ASA, but it's very useful.
FSBVG wants to inform of some websites that particularly would interest FSB veterans. 

It is important to mention first-off the website of the National ASA Association, (NASAAA).  That group's site has evolved into something extraordinary and of great service to our community. 

Making a web page for links is more difficult than it looks.  Locating, collecting, categorizing, and maintaining active links takes a big effort.

The NASAA currently has the best, most incusive, and up to date ASA links collection on its website.  We recommend that everyone see it, as we have no desire or ability to duplicate it.
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The National Cryptographic Museum and Foundation

The National Cryptographic Museum at Fort Meade, Maryland, next to the National Security Agency HQ, is a wonderful facility that we should all try to see someday.
Check out http://www.nsa.gov/about/cryptologic_heritage/museum/index.shtml

The museum is much too small for its collection, so it has established a foundation to plan and fund a new and larger building for it.  We are all invited to join the foundation in a letter now posted to our letters collection.  The foundation's website is
and their membership application cab be found there, too.  It's a good cause so we are asked to support it.  Then we can steer the museum to display an FSB exhibit and displays  about the Cold War in Germany and all Europe someday.