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Two Vets Groups for British
SIGINT Units in Germany

Gatow Old Boys
Don Stuart's site for RAF Gatow linguists at Teufelsberg, a new URL.
Berlin Information site:
Links to nearly everything you would want to know:  maps, city info, transportation, media, sports, universities, colleges, schools, history, politics, tourism, clubs, parties, escort services, other entertainment.
The Wall
an archive and journal website
Berlin-related Links
Berlin 1969, by Robert Reynerson.  He has photos of Berlin scenes, information on travel to and from the Divided City.  He was with the U.S. Army Berlin Brigade 1969 - Rail Transportation Office and 1969-71 on a G-2 Division special project
Berlin Brigade.com, for all units in it.
Berlin Rail Transportation Office
a Virtual Memorial
AFN Berlin - Memorial site for Armed Forces Network Television and AM and FM radio broadcasting in and for Berlin.
German public and religious holidays in calendar form, with links to books for sale by Amazon.com, and little else.
German Federal Government
informational website, some in English, under construction.  Many of its links don't work yet.
Mustang 21 Photos
Joe King's commercial photo sales and tribute to aviation website, with a novel aerial tour of Berlin, and other great photos you can view of Germany and his army career.
And for our Air Force Comrades in Berlin, Ed Leonard's
US Air Force Security Service Lite
Ed says his site has some memories of Berlin and of my time at Army Language School (before it became Defense Language Institute) as well as other stuff about my time with USAFSS.  Would be happy to hear from any former USAF personnel that happen your way (and for that matter, Army too).  As you can see, my site, like yours is primarily directed toward those who served in communications intel, but there is sufficient content of a general Berlin nature to stir a few memories for anybody who has been there. I served with USAFSS in 6912th RSM between 1959 and 1961.  In those days the ASA unit was our downstairs neighbor in the Tempelhof building, but sometime after my departure both units moved their main operations to new sites.  I had the distinction of shipping out of Berlin on the Duty train the night after the Tank standoff at Checkpoint Charlie began. Rather a shaky trip at best.
Berlin Site 4 - by Dean Stefan, dstefan at state.pa.us.  He wrote that this December 2000 he finally got around to building a site for the guys at Site 4 in the Grunewald.  Mainly for dittyboppers like Dean, at FS Berlin, Company A, Andrews Barracks 1971-73.  He reminisces, "I remember there being a currywurst  stand outside the front gate of Andrews Barracks.  I always made sure I had the right amount of marks to get curry with pommes fritz, and then head down the street to Frank's Pig Pen for pizza and beer!  Ahhhh, the good old days!
Detachment A, Special Forces of Berlin Brigade, was at Andrews Barracks, along with untold numbers of spooky mystery units.  The Det A website is hosted by the SergeantsMajor.org website.  CSM Tom Twomey requested this link exchange with us.
The Redlegs, for veterans of E Battery 320th Field Artillery.  It's not an ASA site.  I'm proud to put this link here to represent a great combat unit and the soldiers who served in it.
It's a fine website by and for some of the troopers who were ready to kill with their big guns, or to be killed on the front lines as Redleg artillerymen defending Berlin.  Well done, with photos!
This is a link exchange by FSBVG and SFC Brian Lucke, berlin_redlegs at yahoo.com.
2-319 AFAR, 82nd Airborne Division
Allied Museum in Berlin, at what was the Outpost Theatre and the Art Nicholson Memorial Library.  This new website for the museum shows quite a bit of what's offered in the collections and exhibitions.  Nicholson was the US Army US Military Liason  Mission Potsdam Major who was murdered by the East Germans as a result of a Soviet paid spy working at Teufelsberg.
Berlin Brats who attended the Berlin American High School.   Info at BerlinBrats at juno.com)
The Berlin US Military Veterans Association
The largest Berlin vets association, for all services and eras in Berlin, with an interesting message board, and well planned reunions
The US Military Liaison Mission Association, for those assigned to the USMLM to the Commander-in-Chief, Group of Soviet Forces, Germany. Some perspective on what was happening just on the other side of the wall.
German-American Volksfest
28 July to 20 August, 2001 was the 40th!
Dan Lucas Berlin Book Photo Website
Very educational!
The Berlin Observer
The Berlin military community's newspaper from 1945 to our exit:
Great reading and photos
Birgelen Veterans Association
President:  Major General P A C Baldwin CBE
Email to webmaster at birgelenvets.org
They request photographs of the tower/complex at Gross Gusborn-Dannenburg for their website.