How to join?

Annual membership dues are Fifteen U.S. dollars per year for new members.  We work on a fiscal year basis, so the membership year starts each October 1.  We ask a pro-rated portion for new or rejoining membership dues.  For example, dues paid in July would actually be for August through September, two months, one sixth of a  year.  That computes to be just $2.50 for the remainder of a membership year.

What a deal !
Send in $15 for the next years' dues at the same time.

Your dues pay for this website, our internet domain name,  membership materials, and our reunion planning activities.  Not salaries or profits.  Future uses for funds from dues may include production of mugs and hats, vets' memorials, and other such beneficial projects, decided by officers and membership concensus in a democratic process.

Send your dues,
in cash or check or money order,

P.O. Box 1601
Laurel, MD 20725

We will not accept credit card payments, nor cash transfers from such online banks as Paypal.

We don't have a membership application form.
Just send a brief note along with your dues explaining why you want to join FSBVG, including your postal mail address, and an email address, too, if you have one.  In the 21st century, email correspondence is always preferable for its speed and low cost.

NO proof or documents are required.
We haven't rejected anybody.  Your interest alone qualifies.

  Choose your class of membership

1Regular membership includes the right to vote in FSBVG elections, and is offered to both active- duty and former military and civilians who supported the activities of Field Station Berlin or other services or allies at Berlin sites with similar missions.  These units include (but are not limited to) the US Army Signal Intelligence Service (SIS), US Army Signal Security Service (SSS), US Army Signal Security Agency (SSA), US Army Security Agency (ASA), US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), and such directly -related succeeding services and agencies. Also included are intelligence units from the British and French militaries and their intel agencies and any others that supported Field Station Berlin

2.  Associate membership shall be extended to anyone not otherwise eligible for a Regular membership, such as those who are simply  interested in ASA and Field Station Berlin, including foreign nationals who did not serve at the above described units.

3.  Honorary membership, which means no dues payment is required, is extended to all spouses and children of deceased vets of  FS Berlin

Non-US Currencies?

What if you are a resident of Great Britain? In the UK, the unit of currency is the Pound Sterling.  You would send a bank draught, or other convenient paper money transfer certificate, in an amount equivalent to the current rate of exchange times the current cost of membership in US Dollars.  Can this be made any more complicated?     Yesss!

Let us say that the rate of exchange is .6388 British Pounds Sterling per U.S. Dollar, for example.  To pro-rate your dues if you were joining in July, one would multiply the exchange rate times the sum of  $2.50 (from the first paragraph above in this column) plus $15.00 (for the next years membership).  So, .6388 times 17.50 equals 11.18 in units of  Pounds Sterling.

Expedia's financial website can assist with the currency conversion, but it requires you accept its cookies.

Direct any questions you might have about joining or paying membership dues to join at

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What is the FSB Vets Group?

The Field Station Berlin Vets Group is an alumni association that serves those who haven't forgotten the Army Security Agency (and every preceeding and succeeding and associated or affiliated command at the) Field Stations in Berlin, Germany

It is for all veterans, wherever they may now live, who served there, whether enlisted, officers, NCOs, or civilians, from the 78th, 280th, or any other units, such as:  Andrews or McNair barracks, Wobeck, Gatow, Marienfeld, or Rudow, Germany; ASA, Signal Corps, INSCOM, or veterans of any of the many other units, Corps, or specialties that worked together with us all; former single-termers, retired, or active duty military or civilians; operators, maintainers, cooks, clerks, supply people, medicos, or MPs.

FSBVG is for you. 

Besides all those folks, actually, anybody, including any nationality, who wants to be a member of FSBVG may join, regardless of veteran status.

Interest alone is enough to qualify.

FSBVG aims to encourage fun and enough reunions nationwide to meet membership demand.  We hope to encourage small, regional, inexpensive get-togethers.  FSBVG will support and help plan reunions by and for everybody.

If you like, sketch for us your service details to add as a part of your membership list entries with a  letter of introduction. If you provide it, we will add such details as your nickname, years and stations of assignments, and your website URL to your entry on the official, private membership list, as you specify. 

Please stipulate if you want any of the data kept on a confidential list, if you don't want it available to all members.

Once you join us in membership, you will receive a welcome letter, the full membership list, and  an email list.  If you use email, then all your communications with FSBVG will be by email, by default. 

If you don't use email, we can keep in touch through postal services, believe it or not, but it's quite slow to go that way.

FSBVG members, through their dues, permit the continued existence of our website, FSBVG.ORG, to memorialize and perpetually honor the memory of Field Station Berlin and the veterans who served their to preserve the American Way of life in freedom and justice.

FSBVG fosters communications among its members, so let us post your war stories on the website. Ask about long lost buddies here.  Help plan reunions, and keep track of them all.

FSBVG is a social club, but it also symbolizes for many of us the pride in our personal and military service and accomplishments that we still feel. 

Field Station Berlin played an important part in winning the Cold War.  The Soviets and East Germans didn't just happily surrender. 

We did our bit to win that war, no matter how little pride we may have taken in the work and our service at the time. 

We can look back now and say,  yes, we were there,
and we and the world are better off now for what we did in Berlin.  We would do it again in a minute.
Why should you join FSBVG in membership?

For the benefits, of course!

FSBerlin Vets will enjoy being notified promptly of news directly effecting you or concerning FS Berlin.  Anyone interested in FS Berlin will appreciate news about the station's mission.or history.

You will be among the first to learn about events and activities such as the special, elite Washington, D.C., Fall of the Berlin Wall Celebration, each Autumn.  Only FSBVG members, as a community, are especially invited to attend this memorable meeting each year. 

FSBVG members plan, host, and encourage reunions, both organized and impromptu, regional and national, especially for our community.

FSBVG members get membership lists, with interesting biographies of the members, as a benefit of being a part of this private, elite high-tech association with people like them who wish to honor the memory of the late, great Field Station Berlin.