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No, you're NOT paranoid:
"THEY" really ARE watching you!

The following is an excerpt from CNET Software Dispatch; June 21, 1999; Vol. 1, No. 1

Paranoid about Privacy?
Feel like you're being watched? Guess what: you're right. They're poking through your files, reading your email, plucking your instant messages out of thin air, and monitoring your surfing habits. Read this report for the latest on this subject.  Subscribe to any of CNET's 23 free, high tech, informative newsletters, including the CNET Software dispatch.
So, you don't know whatever became of ASA?  Who is doing the snooping these days, and how? 
In the immortal words of Agent Fox Mulder, "The truth is out there!" 
Read these files, and learn as much as they will let us know.
"Interception Capabilities 2000," a 15.4 KB Microsoft Word Document, from http://www.iptvreports.mcmail.com/ic2kreport.htm
"Somebody's Listening," 38.4 KB Microsoft Word Document from 1988, which is from http://www.gn.apc.org/duncan/echelon-dc.htm
What's at those two websites is stored here on the files found in these two book icons.
Open these two books if you dare! 

Go to the files I've stored in the books, or to the websites linked above, for as long as they are still up and running.  I'm still looking for more reports to fill in the gaps between these two!
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Burn Before Reading
Forbidden Knowledge
What the Spymasters are willing to tell us, what they want us to think...

It's Echelon, and it's coming for you!

Europeans call it Echelon.  They know about it.  They fear it.  But we Ami's don't fear it.  Thank goodness, Echelon is managed by the United States!  So, no, Echelon doesn't target the U.S.   Something else is aimed at us.  It has a different name.  What is it?  Tell me, and we will both know.

You may have heard the term Echelon before, but I don't think even we in the FSBVG community really know what it means. 
Here's a start on understanding: 

A ZDNet UK News Special report on Echelon, June 2000. 
Photos of most UK and some major Commonwealth Field Stations.

and this Echelon wiretap surprise!

and last but not least in this introduction,

The National Security Archive - A Non-Governmental Organization that collects and publishes declassified documents, culled from U.S. government and intelligence sources on mystery servers of George Washington University.

The US Intel Community, pub. 1989, ch. 8: SIGINT, all the ins and outs of it.
Bad News for Clinton's Layabout Spy Establishment

The Sunday Times of London, England
December 17 2000 UNITED STATES

US spies likely to move out of 'cushy' Europe

AS SECRETARY of state, Colin Powell is expected to recommend an overhaul of America's dealings abroad, including the diversion of spies from comfortable, European postings to more arduous tasks in countries such as Iraq, writes Matthew Campbell.

Powell, who succeeded Madeleine Albright, the first female occupant of the post, declined to be drawn into a discussion of foreign policy under the Bush administration. "There's only one foreign secretary at a time," he told The Sunday Times.

However, the reorganisation of intelligence-gathering is one of a series of recommendations he made with Condoleezza Rice, who is expected to become national security adviser, in a lengthy report for a Washington think tank.

"It is a mistaken notion to believe that the break-up of the Soviet bloc has rendered intelligence collection less necessary," says the report, Equipped for the Future, which is considered a blueprint for a shake-up of foreign policy management under George W Bush.

"Meeting today's priorities may require a redirected and more targeted deployment of intelligence officers outside of west European democracies, where intelligence reporting and State Department reporting are most likely to overlap."

Europe may welcome the prospect of spies being diverted elsewhere: relations with Washington have been strained by reports of American intelligence using a communications network called Echelon to eavesdrop on European businesses.
If you have some intel for us, write intel at fsbvg.org now.
Read the last ten issues of the "Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin," (MIPB) a quarterly publication of the Department of the Army by the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca (USAIC&FH), under provisions of AR 25-30.  "MIPB" disseminates material designed to enhance individuals' knowledge of past, current, and emerging concepts, doctrine, material, training, and professional developments in the MI Corps.
Note:  FSBVG does not get paid for listing this propaganda media of the supersnoops.
New Spy Museum opened in Washington, D.C., in Feb. 2002

D.C. Spy Tours led by Soviet Spy General