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From: Dave Wallace, Feb. 6, 2001
Subject: To Debate or not to Debate

Dear Members and guests. 
Use this debate page often and wisely.  This is our chance to express our views and opinions.  I'm always interested in other people's statements and reactions.  So, let's go for it and see how well we can do together.

Debate # 1.  How well do you think President Bush will do for the Military, Retirees, and the Country as a whole?

Respectfully yours,
FSBVG Chairman
David R. Wallace


From: Armen Tashdinian armentash at erols.com, Feb. 6, 2001
Subject: Website "Politics"

I browsed through the FSBVG website's "Politics" page for the first
time today and, while noting some non-partisan sites created to present
non-idealogical information, I was surprised to see the Birch Society
listed as a recommended web site.  I didn't know that organization was
still around.  I thought it had discredited itself years ago by calling
Dwight Eisenhower a communist agent and seeing communists under every
bed. So, curious, I clicked on the Birch site and I find that since the
communists are no longer around, the Society has set "The New World
Order" as this decade's conspiracy, with of course George Bush, Sr., and Jr. [sic]
as the current agents of evil.  When I read their crap, I don't know
whether to laugh or just shake my head or worry that some people
actually believe this stuff.  Professing to uphold constitutionalism and
yet seeing conspiracies all around us, it's organizations like the
Birch Society which, by strewing fear throughout the land, make
Americans fearful and thereby threaten American freedoms.

Armen Tashdinian

Webmaster replies:
You are welcome to nominate any site you wish to the politics page list.  I would not ban your choice, if you had one, if I should disagree with it.  The truth is that the John Birch Society is alive and well and an honored mainstream institution.  You certainly don't have to agree with the thinking of the Birchers, but it is just plain wrong, besides being uncouth and ignorant,  to call their ideas crap.  It is sad to see still the continuance of lies that were spread about the Birch Society by the 1950's American communist party, now known to be paid agents of the mass-murdering dictator Stalin, are still being disseminated as if they were truth.  You are mistaken, and apparently still suffering from Soviet-inspired propaganda.  You swallowed anti-American slander, and haven't yet spit it up.  The Birch Society was not discredited.  It was libeled.  Commies weren't under the bed, they were in the U.S. Government.  The Birch Society said that, and it was correct.  Surely you don't idolize the red agents, Wallace, Hiss, Rosenberg, and Walker, some of the few who were caught in their treachery.  The Birch Society helped win the Cold War by speaking the truth that pro-Soviet liberals of the era didn't want to hear.  The  Birchers were the Paul Reveres of the Cold War.  Conspiracies did exist and always will threaten the American way of life   The nations of the world which oppose each other philosophically are by nature conspiracies against each other.  Al Qaeda is one against America.  The Taliban was another.  So are Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad and the PLO.  Not all conspiracies are evil:  NATO, and the OAS, and the EU, as well conspire for their own self-interests.  Ask the FBI if conspiracies exist.  Get your head out of the sand.  Birchers are not wild-eyed fanatics, they are  milktoasts, grassroots activists, ordinary patriotic Americans, who powerfully exercise their political civil rights from their dining room tables where they write letters to their Congressmen expressing their own political viewpoint.  We all can, and should, do the same thing. 

Enemies threaten our country, and their weapons are amplified by ignorance and apathy as much and more than fear, supplementing terror.  A measure of the danger to our nation's liberty is the declining quality of public education and the accompanying decrease in literacy.  Is that the result some kind of conpiracy?  The national teachers unions are pleased as punch about the sorry state of American education.  Now America is waking up again, coming out of its complacency.  The 9/11 terrorist bombing in New York was Al Qaeda's last gasp, and their undoing. We are not defeated by fear. We are armed against fear by iron determination and basic education.  Oh, and Freedom is not an illusion!  Those who say it is are the ungrateful, spoiled brats who enjoy the fruits of liberty while trying to set themselves up as elite masters of despotism and persecution.  Let tyrants fear freedom. The sound of  freedom will strike fear in their hearts. 


From newsfan at fsbvg.org, Feb. 7, 2001


See story from the Washington Compost



From:  poet1 at fsbvg.org, Feb. 8, 2001

Under Carter there was a malaise,
The U.S. seemed to be in a daze.
Reagan reversed that trend,
Got liberals to bend,
Got us moving in so many ways.

About Reagan's term, let's be candid.
Our whole economy expanded,
Unemployment -- cut back,
Inflation took a whack,
And the Red Empire was disbanded.

Reagan ignored the Democrat jeers,
Did so much good in only eight years.
Though Congress Dems controlled,
Ron took steps that were bold
And left liberals almost in tears.


Dear Gipper!

From:  newsfan at fsbvg.org, Feb. 8, 2001

"Soldier, rest!  thy warfare o'er,
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking,
Dream of battled fields no more,
Days of danger, nights of waking."



From webmaster at fsbvg.org,
July 11, 2010

Let's write to U.S. President Barack Obama about the U.S. military active duty soldiers votes not being counted in the Presidential election because their votes weren't postmarked!  Those guys overseas had their votes sent back in envelopes without stamps postmarks, because they get free mail!  The election committees receiving the mail, when controlled by Obamaniacs, tossed their envelopes out uncounted.  That is rotten.  Military guys should have an easier time casting their votes, not a more reduced opportunity, a true disenfranchisement. 

We can easily write an email letter to the President on this or any other issue by clicking on the button under the Obama trashcan ballot box.
From pistolero at fsbvg.org
Feb. 13, 2001

Senator McCain is still continuing to make moves to attempt to control all U.S. citizens' guns.  That's not heroic.  He keeps trying to insert gun-grabbing clauses into every piece of legislation he thinks is so big it will hide his confiscatory plans.  I just keep wondering, how is it that this guy is supposed to be a hero?  For getting shot down on his first flight over Hanoi? For breaking under torture and confessing to war crimes in the Hanoi Hilton?  I don't see it. 
Somebody explain it to this old sharpshootin' veteran, please.  His Dad was the Admiral in charge of the naval war.  Is that why he was a hero?  The questions need to be asked.

Read the GOA Alert  on McCain's gun grabbing HERE!
This links to ALL elected federal representatives, not just the President, but also to agencies, easily, thanks to the Vietnam Veterans of America website.