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David R. Wallace, C Trick, 1974-1980

Dear members of FSBVG, and others reading this report,

It is with sadness that I report to you the passing of Chairman David R. Wallace.  David had been suffering for years from cancer and multiple schlerosis.  He warned us that he was living on borrowed time, yet he fought and lived much longer than he had expected.  As he wrote us:

"I think the Cold War got me, or it could have been all those exciting nights in Berlin at the Home Bar, Al Molino's, Frank's Pig Pen,  Speak Easy, Hof Brau House, What Cheer or Greune Woche."

Dave was very proud of his Berlin service for the U.S. Army Security Agency at Field Station Berlin.  He boasted that:

"We fought a heck of a long Cold War, not publicized much,
but we know full well it was rough.  We gained a lot and lost a lot.  To me, even with the friendship and partying, we suffered like no others."

Dave told us that "We must stick together and work as a team.  Let's organize ourselves into something big.  We now have the choice to let the World know about our jobs and lives there, without giving up any of the few remaining guarded secrets."  Let's do as Dave said.

Dave asked us to "never forget the sacrifices you made.  Now spread the word about us.  Members, please participate as you can.  All interested are invited to join us."

Those of us who knew Dave will never forget him.  He now rests in peace in his hometown, Martinez, Georgia, USA.

Field Station Berlin Vets Group will continue to strive for our goals, as Dave would have wished.

Bruce Ford
FSB 1968-69
C Trick, Company B