Proposed Amendments to the FSBVG Charter
Approved for offering on the ballot and posting here by vote of officers of FSBVG in January 1999.
Posted January 13, 1999. 

The purpose of this proposal is to extend our period of charter membership beyond what we originally intended.  It would accomplish alterations of TWO clauses in SECTION III. MEMBERSHIP, paragraph 1. 

The first clause, in subparagraph A, CHARTER MEMBERSHIP, now reads:
"...join prior to 1 October 1998." 

It would be changed to read:
"...join before February 1, 1999."

The second clause in paragraph 1, subparagraph B, REGULAR MEMBERSHIP, reads now:
".....who join the association after September 30, 1998." 

That would be changed to read:
"...who join the FSBVG after January 31, 1999."
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The elected board of officers of FSBVG has voted to approve the offering to the full membership for a vote the following proposed amendments to our FSBVG Charter.  Accordingly, each must be posted here for a minimum of thirty days before being offered to a vote of the entire membership during the next election.

Amendment Proposal One