This page is devoted to United States politics. 

The founding document of  the north American Republic, the United States of America, is the Constitution.  Its first amendment guarantees that government may not abridge the natural right to voice  beliefs by all citizens in the USA.  It's a god given, natural right of humanity.  You don't have to agree, but you have to respect the universal right to state those beliefs.  The people, not the government, is the safeguard of those rights. 

Humans are political animals.  It's one of our good points.  Right?

On the other hand, there are politicians.  Are they human, too?  Someone told me that the word politician is derived from poli, meaning many, and from tics, which are blood-sucking parasites.   Thus politicians are many bloodsucking parasites.   That computes to me.

Politics is the drive to organize into hierarchies, pecking orders.   It started when the first tribe was organized in pre-historic times.  It's instinctive, and thus unavoidable.  You can't ignore it.  You can and should have an informed political point of view.  Being political is in your own self-interest.   Even if God somehow mysteriously appoints political leaders, that's no reason to let them push you around without pushing back.  Learn how to influence the system with your own beliefs.  Our civilization depends on that.  It's your responsibility, your civic duty.  I know, you are busy.  We all try to juggle too many balls, but it is important to get our priorities straight.  Learn what to do to get your political views across, so that your needs will be addressed.  Learn who to contact, and how to ask for attention.

There are many ways to find out who your elected Represenatives are.  Maybe the best way is to adopt your federal representative, through the Center for Democracy and Technology.  Join it at http://www.cdt.org/join/ and you will learn all the contact information for all of your elected Federal officials, and get updates on imporant issues they are dealing with on a timely basis.  You can and should call your representatives in Congress.  They won't answer the phone, but the message secretary will scribble down your preferences on issues and pending legislation.  Ask questions, too.

Writing letters to them is also very important.  In this representative democracy, one can, may, and should write to his elected officials, the newspaper editor, and any influential person.  In a dictatorship, whether a monarchy or a junta, one may write to the nation's tyrant, if he dares, at his own peril! 

When to write or call is important.  For instance, the most important time is when the official is about to cast a vote on an issue that concerns you.  You can find that out by getting on the mailing list of a special interest group that represents you.  If you know of any such groups that vets, as individuals, might consider joining, then write politics at fsbvg.org to have the information posted  here.

Most folks don't realize that their elected representatives rarely see the letters sent to their offices.  You should still write to them anyway, because they get the count of how many of their constituents hold which positions.  Your Congressman will almost certainly read your letters to editor in local newspapers.  Congressmen subscribe to local papers, or get daily faxes of key sections, so they know what the folks at home are thinking. 

Keep letters SHORT!  Pick a single point to make, and stick to it.  Save everything else for other letters.

There is a free computer program that helps write political letters.
It is GovernMail It's a first of its kind.  It links to political addresses and news sources all around the world.

Your elected officials get paid by taking the money from your pocket.  Tell them how to spend your money and how to do their job the way you want it done, to suit you, and satisfy your interests!
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Politically Enlightening Web Sites
Selected for your elucidation by your illustrious webmaster!
Warning:  View at your own risk of becoming politically enlightened.

If you don't like these, pick a news site to be your own favorite from the immense international list at Paper Boy!  Alta Vista will even translate foreign sites' news for you.

American Partisan, for political commentary, news and resources.
Birch Society, a political educational site by the club formed in 1958.  Its chief activity is and always has been simply writing polite letters to US Congressmen by its citizen members to urge votes on legilsation be kept within Constitutional guidelines.  Good site for learning how to write letters.
Center for Democracy and Technology, a cyberfreedom sentinel.
Clinton's Skelton Closet, those bones are a-rattling!
Congressional Telephone Directory
Congressmen's own list of e-mail and websites, all 429 of them.
Contacting the Congress, a how to do it site.
Drudge Report, for the latest big news, before anybody else gets it.
Electronic Frontier Foundation, protecting our cyber-privacy.
Free Republic, a pro-U.S. news forum
Gun Owners of America, smarter than the National Rifle Assoc.
Liberty and Justice for all, a patriotic U.S. pro-POW/MIA informational site.
Liberty Committee, freedom minded congressmen write on how we can stay free
Patriot page, what happens when Americans get scared of the slow demise of freedom.
You think it's weird to be worried?  Then you are in a dreamworld, and should read this: 
Voice of a few Americans, a pro-Constitutional editorial and commentary site with weekly edition compilations.  Often satirical, no punches pulled.  I like this one here, for example.
Right Links from Conservative HQ, includes links from left, as a balanced site should.
Thomas, the U.S. Congress version of public legislation information. 
Read it and you'll never figure out what's going on in your government.
Vietnam Veterans of America, a great site for vets of all eras.  Their causes should be our causes.  Shows how to write letters, after explaining the important issues.

Giving money and power to government is like giving
whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.   --  P. J. O'Rourke
Government:  Less is more

Pythagorean theorem: 24 words.
The Lord's prayer: 66 words.
Archimedes' Principle: 67 words.
Bible's Ten Commandments: 179 words.
The Gettysburg address: 286 words.
The Declaration of Independence: 1,300 words.
The US Government regulations on the sale of cabbage: 26,911 words.

United States:  a democracy?

"At no time, at no place, in solemn convention assembled,
through no chosen agents, had the American people
officially proclaimed the United States to be a
democracy.  The Constitution did not contain the word or
any word lending countenance to it, except possibly the
mention of "We the people," in the preamble.... When
the Constitution was formed no respectable person called
himself or herself a democrat."

From "America in Midpassage," Chapter 17, Published 1939, by
The purpose of this page is to educate and entertain, and to provoke interest in politics.  It is written by the webmaster of the FSBVG, Bruce Ford.  The webmaster creates all content for this website for the FSBVG.  He exercises editorial control over the website, with the oversight of the Board of Officers of the FSBVG, led by Chairman Dave Wallace.  If you find it interesting, and you learn something, you may be moved to action in your own interests.  That would be a good thing.

FBVG calls them as we see them.  The Bill of Rights, ten amendments to the Constitution of our United States of America, guarantees the individual's civil rights.  That is what sets apart our nation from the despotic systems which prevailed on our earth before the USA.

The websites listed on this page are not endorsed by FSBVG.  They are offered by the webmaster for you to examine if you wish and to learn from if you can, gathering your own opinions in doing so.  Make up your own mind based on the facts.  Have opinions.  Don't be afraid to express them.  Evaluate other people's opinions.  Theirs may be better than yours, or not.  Learn by sharing ideas.

FSBVG is for freedom, which the people of the United States guaranteed for all time in the Constitution of the United States.  We are anti-slavery, and anti-tyranny.  We are for education and against ignorance.  We love our country, where we enjoy the highest peak ever achieved by any system of civilization.  Although it isn't perfect, there is no better alternative.  If you know how to improve our wonderful system, speak up to our government.  It works for us, not the other way around.

Comments regarding this page should be sent to webmaster at fsbvg.org 

Your typed contributions to this page, and the entire website are solicited.
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