FSBVG will list on this page a few reunion notices that may appeal to FSBVG members.  Also, we refer you to other sites which keep track of ASA reunions
and vets and their clubs everywhere.

The National ASA Alumni Association is a membership club, $15 to join, that hosts an ASA website available to all, much like FSBVG.  Without joining, you may read the reunion updates and many other interesting features at its website .  Find the world's best organized list of all ASA related vets' groups, and the most up-to-date list of all ASA reunion information.  It's why we gave up trying to list them all.  They do it better for all of us.  They will send you a free email newsletter with all the same information if you subscribe at their web site.

The USASA National Capitol Region Alumni Association puts on several events each year in the "National Capitol Area."  Their summer picnic will be once again at Blobs Park, near Fort Meade, Maryland, on August 7, 2010.  For more on the group, its events, go to the website and register with them and find out about how to attend any event..  

The Berlin U.S. Military Veteran's Association is a 1000+ membership association.  $20 per year.  Their annual reunions are announced at their website.  Join at the BUSMVA web site.

ASA vet Burt Slesinger emails a monthly ASA newsletter with ASA vets news.  Register with Burt's vet-tracking, ASA Lives website.
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